View Full Version : Semi-Complicated Box Design (I Think?)

03-16-2004, 10:12 PM
I'm in the process of designing a slot ported box for my ED B3 12. I would like it tuned very low, 26-maybe 30 hz. Max Dimensions are small, height=14.5, width=22, it will also be a trapezoid, so top depth should be around 10-14 inches, and it will have a 70degree angle against the back of the seat.

Sub Specs are here:
Fs - 22 hz
Qts - 0.35
VAS - 4.25ft3
spl - 88
qms - 3
qes - 0.4
Xmax - 23.3 mm
displacement 0.1 ft3


P.S. Jmac, i'll help pay you're bills if you help me :)