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04-04-2012, 09:11 PM
I have a dodge Dakota, I'm installing a single duel brand 12" with a 400watt duel amp ( both brand new). I have a 670 watt max wiring kit. The hot wire is installed correctly, along with the RCA cables to the head unit. Ground wire is screwed to the floor, through a cut in the carpet and a self tap screw to hold the wire down to the cab. The remote wire had to be connected to the fuse box via an Add-a-fuse adaptor, in the cig lighter fuse slot (20amp). The problem is that the amp won't turn on (I believe the remote wire is the issue). I'm stuck, any help?

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rub some cocaine on the remote wire :up2somet:

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use a digital multi meter and place the ground wire on just a ground and then place the positive wire in your fuse panel on an empty fuse slot there is two sides its the top and turn your key on acc do not turn the car on. if you get a reading of 12+ volts when you turn your key and then turn it off then thats the one you want to put ur remote wire on. do this and see if your amp turns on. on another note just buy the sounds of it, it doesnt sound like you have a good ground. take a pic of your install so we can see better. also get some new audio and learn to read, YOU PUT THIS IN THE WRONG SECTION........... FAIL!

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