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pimp smokey
03-16-2004, 02:14 AM
i need some componets. in my last car i had, about 4, maybe 5 years ago i had a pair of polk db or dx (not sure but were the better of the two) 6500 comps in my doors on a sony amp (i know) giving them 50 or 75 rms each. i have been away from the car audio scene since then (company car) and notice how much has changed. i thought those polks sounded awesome when the tweeters were not shutting off. anyhow, ive got about 350-400 bucks for some comps. i need your opinions on finding some quality comps that the tweeters wont cut off every 20 minutes or so. i was told that i should get some kick panels for the comps because they sond better than they would in doors, is this true? thanks for any input.

03-16-2004, 04:47 AM
Your addiction with car audio after this point is going to be rentless, I warn you now. Been a really long time since I posted, but seems like you could use some input.

I am going to go ahead with my next set of comps and make a DIY set. Taking various parts of crossovers/mid bass drivers and tweeters and match them so that they will act together with percision and kick.

But if this seems like too much work, Adire Audio Koda 6.1,
check out Focal's Polykevlar comp, Rainbow, CDT HD line, or EuroSports, etc. There are way too many brands to list, but these are all great comps.

And it all depends on your car/truck to determine what would work best for you. In door setups can sound just as good as kick panels, and vice versa. It's usually more a, where would the placement of these speakers be for the best imaging. Sometimes ppl can;t put a huge 3" deep driver into their door without some decent modification, ie mdf baffle, door pod, window stopper.