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03-31-2012, 10:46 AM
Product Brand & Model:

JL Stealthbox for Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner/Mazda Tribute

For 2001-2011 Ford Escape
Also fits: 2005-2011 Mercury Mariner & 2001-2011 Mazda Tribute

Roughly .65 cuft.

Condition of all items:

The box is molded fiberglass and solid. I had to recarpet in black to match my trunk.

It originally came with a w1 10" which wasnt cutting it imo. These are the subs that fit and have been installed.

Morel Ultimo sc - I sold it but its a great match for this enclosure.

IDv3 - have one for sale d4

Xtant type a 10 svc 2 ohm. Same as the dash mounted one in the install section.

Audiomobile evo - not for sale

FYI a Dayton HO will fit as well as an alumapro mx.

You need to keep it at 5.25" depth max. No big magnets.

Total Price: :

$200 for the enclosure

For the subs and the enclosure :

with IDv3 = $275

with Xtant type A $250

Shipping Terms: :

Depends on the location. But will come with all hardware.

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Additional info:

Purchased from Crutchfield for $500 authorized.

If youre local, I still have the false floor

LOTS of space


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