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03-29-2012, 07:54 PM
I am trading in my old 05 Scion tC which i had a Pioneer AVIC-D3 with a amp and 2 10s in. For a new to me 2007 F150 and havent looked at HU in a while. First thing i did was check out the newer Pioneer HUs but cant decide what to get. I was curious if anyone had any suggestions. I liked the app features idea for the pioneer but is it executed effectively? Are there other units that might do it better? Also I dont really need nav, or a dvd player but would like to be able to play videos off my phone. Ill prob get all new mids and highs aswell as get someone to check out my old subs to see if i should upgrade them. Hopin to get a HU for 500 or lower. Oh and i like double dins but if theres a flip out single thats reliable I can do that aswell.

Any help appreciated.

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07-02-2012, 12:00 AM
Well I wouldn't go with a flip out as 1. your car accommodates a double-din, and 2. as far as price goes, a single-din flip out will typically cost $1-200 MORE than a double-din with the same features.

I'd go with the AVH-P8400BH, has advanced app-mode for your iPhone (which will give you indash navigation if you use one of the navigation apps - paid or free), 3 sets of 4v preouts, full 7" motorized screen, dvd, hd radio, bluetooth handsfree and audio streaming, etc. the list goes on.