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03-26-2012, 03:08 PM
Hey everyone,

Super stoked to be a part of the community.

...just installed my first real system. I have a '92 toyota previa with lots of space inside. I recently installed the following: 2 rockford 6x9's (3-ways) and one pair of 5 1/4" pioneer component speakers. these are run through a rockford 300-4 amp. the amp runs fine with the 6x9's connected, but when the pioneers are hooked up, when i turn the system up, the amp goes into protect mode when bass notes hit. i tried turning the gain down on the amp, and messing with the crossover, but i still can't turn it up loud with those 5 1/4" pioneers hooked up. could there be a short in the wiring somewhere, or what? they're suppose to be 2-35 watts RMS (300 watts peak power). am i running too much power to them?

also, i installed a 10" powerbass sub and a bridged powerbass asa 400 amp. it's not enough bass for me. i'd like to put in another amp and sub, but i only have about $300 left in the budget. does anybody have any recommendations?



03-27-2012, 08:23 AM
Welcome to the forum! It's a great place to learn about car audio. You have a lot going on in your new ride. As far as the amp going into protect, I would check the wiring first, and most likely it's going to be your ground. I would try to find a better ground location. This is a possibility, not necessarily what is wrong. It will take more efort on your end to track down the problem. I hope it's not your amp that is messed up. That amp should push those speakers fine as long as it's hooked up correctly and set correctly. Here is a link for a subforum with the mst commonly asked questions and their prospective answers:


You have a pretty good bit of money to buy a new sub stage, so i would first check in the classifieds on this site. There are a lot of really good deals going on right now from reputable people.

And don't be a stranger to the search button at the top. It has helped me significantly drop the amount of time it takes to find the answers to my car audio related problems.

and again i wanna welcome you! Feel free to PM me with any concerns you have!