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03-21-2012, 01:57 PM
1. Product:
HERTZ MLK 165 x 2 and a set of the MLK 165 system tweeters

2. Specs:
150 watt rms http://www.hertzaudiovideo.com/Doc/pdf_mlk165.pdf

3. Description/Condition: One set new in box unopened, one set used and working, and one set of the tweeters used and working

The used set is a little rougher esthetically but works like a dream.As you can see in one of the pictures, one of the woofers has a crease in it, the crease is not a broken part of the cone, it's just aesthetically unappealing.

The used tweeters were part of another set of MLK 165's i have running in my car still, except i bought the MLK2 tweeters and swapped them out.

The new set is as stated, bought for ~1000 a couple years ago, my project never panned out.

I was going to do a big kicker project and just totally fit my vehicle with hertz equipment, but decided to go back to school.

4. Price: :$700 for the new set
$425 for the used set
$200 for tweeters (do not come with case)
All prices OBO or looking for trades regarding Nikon DSLR equipment if you've got it
I'm sure if anyone wants several things, we can work out a deal.

I'll figure out shipping only if you provide me with your postal code/zip code and method of shipping choice, willing to ship to US


5. Pictures:





Name is dennis09x at CACO forums as well. I'm also dennis09x on ebay, you can see there for some feedback as well.

cell number will be provided to serious buyers.

I live in canada, willing to ship to US

03-21-2012, 02:16 PM
where did you buy these from and when?
Also can you put a picture up of the actualy set of brand new in box speakers and not the used ones in the Styrofoam.
New ones if un used should be in plastic each speaker and crossover wrapped in plastic and the manual ect in the box still. If thats not the case then i don't believe that they are "brand new in box"

Also the new sets sell for around 500$ in fact i just sold my set recently for that here and also another set of diyma used.

the new in box ones i have never seen the black tweeter before.. only the grey version.