View Full Version : NeoPro-8 SOLD OUT

03-16-2012, 09:49 AM
NeoPro-8 models are now SOLD OUT. Also -- all NeoPro speakers will face a small price increase due to the Neo cost increases. The next run of NeoPro-8s will include 4 ohm models as well.

We will have more in stock in June... the demand for these really snuck up on us exponentially rather than just a gradual increase so supply was literally pulled right out from under us!

We should have more steady data on the demand in the future on these.

New / Old Pricing :
NeoPro-6.5 : $99 / NA
NeoPro-8 : $105 / $99
NeoPro-10 : $129 / $115

The 10" has a much bigger piece of Neo in it so was more affected.

If Neo goes back down in the future we'll adjust accordingly -- we may also offer an alternative Ferrite line for those that don't care about weight.