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03-13-2004, 08:44 PM
Phoenix Gold Tielites 6.5 running of the other zx4000 in a set of custome made kick panels / all of this running off of a Pioneer DEh-P8500MP.

Dont know if i should bridge the 8" Kickers or just run them stereo? I do have a Kicker 600.4 if I have to use it for additional power. Any suggetions on getting the corssover setting right on this idea?

I do plan a alternator and battery upgrade after the system upgrade. Thinking a dual alternator and battery setup. 2002 dodge quad cab 2500 4x4 (v10). Oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anybody forsee any problems or design problems befor I order??

Any and all will be appreciated.

P.S. PLtase foeivge the spe..ing (12 pack later and going deagf)

03-13-2004, 08:55 PM
That ******!! Let me try this again.

Upgrading to a set of kicker 8" midbass drivers off a zx4000 to go with a set of R19's. A set of PG 6.5 elites off of another zx4000 in front kick panels. Also a set of PG Ti10d4 off of a z1000d. I am currently running a set of JL10w3v2 off of an additonal z1000d that I will be adding the 2 TI10's to.

Maybe I should try this while I am sober??