View Full Version : A few Questions on a Ported trunk mounted box for best results.

02-28-2012, 05:19 PM
I currently have a sealed box for 2 C15" Solobarics(old rounds) with 1.8cu ea and 350w rms ea. It pounds pretty good but its not enough. I also have a pair of new 10" dvc L7's sittin in my closet. I am picking up a RF1500bdcp on the first and upgrading my box/box's to get more boom. I have a good sized trunk with a small opening, so a ported box with enough airspace for my 2 15"s will not fit through the opening. I need suggestions on how to get the absoulute most out of my gear. I have all the tools to build one to fit and assemble in trunk.
I need input on which subs,direction of subs,ports,airspace ect. I originally started off with my subs fireing into the cabin throught the "cargo hole/blowthrough"(see avitar for cargo hole pic) and had **** poor results then one day I flipped it around fireing backwards and It really came alive. So I know that placement,direction, and other factors make all the difference in the world.
With that in mind and the fact I'm poor, I can't afford to get this wrong so If you have real experience with these issues please help and Thanks in advance.