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02-25-2012, 02:07 PM
I have 2 orion xtr pro 15" dvc 4ohm wired to 2ohms each on 2 mb quart 1500d.1 at 2 ohm each. My current box 7.5 cuft net after subs port internal bracing ect. 1inchmdf box with 6 inch wide slot port tuned to 32htz by dave the box guy. lows are great volume is ok. I like rap 90 percent of the time with pink floyd and dire straights 10 percent of the time.
I don't like how much mid bass I lost and wish the box was louder. Any thoughts on tunning higher to like 35htz in a smaller box like 6.5cuft net?

All help is so appreciated guys......

This is my speaker spec

Fs (free-air resonance, Hz) 28.7
Vas (equivalent compliance, cu. ft.) 3.207
Qts (total driver Q) 0.73
Sensitivity 85.9dB
Pe (continuous power handling, watts) 500
Peak Power Handling (music, watts) 1000
Mounting Hole Diameter (Inches) 13.85
Mounting Depth (Inches) 7.5
xmax .680

I'd like a ported box tuned 35hz I think and will power it around 500-700rms each sub sperate amp on each. spl on music is real important, hence the 15" subs- lol I used to have 2 Infinity kappa 12" subs in a ported box 36hz and it sounded unreal sq & spl. The orions hit harder and louder but I lost some mid bass in rock music that I listen 2 10% of the time.

03-13-2012, 05:05 PM
PM me! I'll help you out