View Full Version : Looking for someone to build me a smiple box

02-22-2012, 09:42 PM
Before you guys go and say build it yourself, its simple.. im not a handman haha.. i cant even srew two peices of wood together.. joking, but in all serious, I don't trust myself and would screw something up, I am not good at building stuff.

I am looking for a SMALL sealed enclosure for my TC Epic 10, will be giving it 750RMS. I've read 0.4 cubes is good, but i may be wrong. Also looking for 2, 6x9 boxes, prefer ported but willing to suggestions for my polk 6x9's getting 100rms.

I have a hatchback with a custom built wood deck, I am going to drop this into the trunk and elevate it, cut out the deck to secure this in so it looks like it fits perfectly into the deck with everything firing up.. difficult to explain.

I wanted to see if I can get the sealed sub encloure firing up, with the 6x9 boxes connected to the sub box firing up so its one unit.

Anybody willing to do this? Price? Thanks guys!

I Like Waffle
02-22-2012, 09:45 PM
PM me, ill do it for the best price here as i have alot of smallish pieces of MDF im not using. Ill need dimensions as well as cutout diameter, and if you want it carpeted or painted or whatever. Ill send you my FB, i have alot of my work on there.