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03-10-2004, 08:50 PM
i've got a 1980 cadillac fleetwood brougham with two 15" JL W3s running off a Memphis 1000D amp. my friend has a 1987 fleetwood, with two 12" Memphis subs (not sure which kind, they have the big "M" on the front of them) off the same amp i have (1000D Memphis). everything else is the same. however, his bass shakes the whole car, and you can hear it OUTSIDE the car too. mine, you can hear almost nothing outside the car, and it's about that bad inside as well.

also, my component speakers are stock, so i'm going to need some replacements. the front are 4x6", the back are 6x9". i'd like to not have to cut holes for more speakers, so by just replacing those four stock speakers, what should i put? I want speakers that can get really loud, with good quality. i would like to get the component sets (the speakers with the little tweeters in the middle) so i don't have to have seperate speakers. i'm also going to buy an external amplifier, so i need to know which one i should get. basically just which amplifier i should get, and which four speakers, are what i need to know.

i am also interested in whether i should put four 6x9s in the back (cut out two more holes)... would that greatly improve the loudness ability? I've heard that the speakers are poorly placed (facing straight up at the windshield and straight up at the back window), so i'm going to have to compromise with more speakers or better speakers i guess. i don't wnat to have to cut holes in the doors or anything. so what do you recommend i get?

If you can match the amplifier to the speakers, that'd be great, because i've got no experience in this area, and i don't want to get an amp that's too powerful for the speakers, or speakers that need more power than the amplifier can feed them. and remember above all i want loudness and clarity (clarity when they're loud).

Thanks a lot

03-11-2004, 04:09 AM
Infinitys are good and fairly inexpensive comparably. do some mor research on his stuff if you want to beat him.