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02-15-2012, 05:00 AM
Well...income tax return season is in full swing here at the shop. (Desiard St. Pawn...Monroe, La)
I have of a list of box builds and installs lined up for the next few weeks. Hell, I have been at the shop from 9am to 11pm far too many times in the past 2 weeks. Didn't leave the bay until midnight tonight, building boxes.

But this build stands out.
Dam, its 3am now and I'm still up designed the 6-15 box. Gotta be at the shop at 8:45am in the morning to get back on the grindstone.

Taz (customer) used to have 1 DDM2a on 2 DD2512's in a Cadillac Catera doing 148ish daily...but he sold the car and wants more. He picked up a 2-Dr Tahoe and wants a daily animal. So, he is reconing his 2 DD2512's to 15's and picking up 4 more 2515's and another DD M2a!

For now he is just doing 2 M2a's strapped at first, but will likely go to a 3rd M2a later (gain matched on o-scope).

I'm playing around w/ box designs now. God, I just need to go to bed...lol.
Just got done w/ a design for 2 SA-8's on a DD SS1b in for an '04 ext cab chevy 1500. Building that tomorrow.
Hell, I had a customer show up at 8pm tonight to pick up a box for his 4 Sundown E-12's on a RF BD1000.1 in a Caprice. It made the steering column MOVE. Those little E's are pretty sick subs. He needs more power and batt though. I'm thinking a DD M2c and Batcap 2000 at least, he is thinking about it.

Taz's 6-15 build is planned to start Thursday. I'm putting finishing touches on the box design. Just gotta nail down my cutlist to help save on waste. But hell, knowing me I might rethink the idea and totally scrap my current design and re-do it...FML.

Gonna have to pick up a new flush-trim router bit or 2 to even think about this build...my old ones are on their last legs. My Rigid router has been getting a workout here lately, prolly pick up another one of those too. But the ~$280 price tag hurts me...lol...at least they hold up. Its the only router I have never burned up. 3yrs and still going strong.

Taz will be on hand for the build, he wants to see the box built and will be playing photographer.
Gonna try and talk him into DD VO6.5's in stock location and another set in kicks up front.
(Taz if you are reading this, you WANT the VO's to keep up w/ the 6-15!!!!)

Stay tuned.
Stupid **** on <5000wrms coming soon!
Pics and vids of the build will be posted.

Dave, if you see this...call the shop.
I saw your missed calls but rarely answer my phone when at work. Sorry man, when I'm working, I could care less about my cell.

02-23-2012, 11:38 PM
Sorry for no updates.

Starting on the box w/ a little bracing.

first baffle on

a little test fit

Taz picked out the port color...wanted something a little different

Up and running on 1 DD M2a @ 1.33ohm for now. Taz is going to a pair strapped when he gets his batts.
Even on 1 amp, it seems louder than my 151+ @ 38hz Avalanche. This thing is pretty sick w/ less than 400wrms per sub!

Vids coming soon.

03-01-2012, 10:17 PM
It looks good Canaan

03-02-2012, 04:21 AM
Dave, sorry I couldn't get around to helping out w/ your Corvette build this week. Its been a madhouse at the shop.
Like I said in my first post, I have been in the bay till 10 or 11 at least 4 nights a week, but hell, at least I'm getting the chance to build some really impressive systems for customers in the Monroe, La, area.

I did a 2-DD1008 box and a 1-12" memphis c3-12 box tonite. The DD1008 box is going in a single cab 2006 silverado w/ a DD SS1b install tomorrow, I just have to carpet it in the morning...should be pretty sick ~.8cuft per sub @ ~36hz on-paper tuning. The 1-12" box is a customer pick-up box. Got a 2-12 RE SE-X and some other box that I can't even remember to build tomorrow (already have both designed on the shop's computer, just can't remember...lol...I'll prolly have to make a run the local lumber yard for 10+ sheets of MDF again tomorrow too, on top of my installs) I try to keep at least 8-10sheets of MDF on hand. At least the lumber yard is only about a mile away, so a run is usually pretty quick.

I don't build boxes during regular business hours, I'm to busy w/ installs/sells/orders/inventory/and whatever else needs to be done.
And I REFUSE to build a box and give it to a customer the same day. Some other shops build and install the same day, but I just don't like that. I let my glue joints to cure for at least over night before I feel OK w/ mounting subs in the box.

I am the go-to man here at the shop for 12V questions, so I have REALLY been on my toes for the past few weeks. Income tax return season really turns me into a coffee addict...lol

If anyone that has my # want's to reach me, don't even bother calling my cell. Just text me. I don't answer my phone when I'm working.
Otherwise, just call the shop. You might catch me up front.

I'm off on monday's. Thank god.
Come closing time Saturday, I'm headed south to my home town. I plan to have my boat in the water by 7am sunday and I wanna rip some lips.
My grandpa, dad, and I caught 62 sacalait last weekend, should be better this time around w/ the warmer water temps.

03-24-2012, 08:51 PM
thats a big *** box