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02-10-2012, 11:47 AM
Item(s) for Sale:

IXOS CA780 Full 5 Farad Hybrid Capacitor with Blue LED Display
IXOS CA670 Full 1 Farad Capacitor with Blue LED Display

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CA780 $149/shipped (Retail $299)
CA670 $99/shipped (Retail $199)

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

IXOS CA780 Features:
- Full 5 Farad Spec
- Super Fast Discharge Hybrid Design
- Blue LED Volt Meter
- Can Connect 2 Amps Directly to the Capacitor
- 1/0 awg input/output
- Black anodized aluminum

IXOS CA670 Features:
- Full 1 Farad Spec
- 20 Volt Surge
- Blue LED Volt Meter

Capacitors serve another non traditional purpose in car audio, by reducing/eliminating noise found in car audio power sources.
Do Capacitors Do Anything - The Truth About Car Audio Capacitors - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPTlfwgPGyM&list=UUZwkygKMtb1rfXdlVJssExA&index=8&feature=plcp)

Free to US 48

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IXOS 1-Farad and 5-Farad Capacitors - NEW- **Special Pricing** - DIYMA.com - Scientific Car Audio - Truth in Sound Quality (http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/123275-ixos-1-farad-5-farad-capacitors-new-%2A%2Aspecial-pricing%2A%2A.html)

02-10-2012, 11:57 AM
Explain why? I just had a multi-time expert class world champion in Sound Quality buy 2 of the 5-farad caps. Caps have a misconception. They will NOT prevent lights from dimming. They WILL reduce/remove noise entering the system from the cars electrical system. Please actually view the you tube video I linked. This video has been debated and proven factual over at DIYMA.com.

02-10-2012, 12:04 PM
Why would I want to? You are the one dumping on my for sale thread. I have data showing these are effective. If you don't want one, don't buy. Those who care to actually educate themselves will lean the benefit from these.

I see, he is a SPL guru. Well, I am a SQ guru and anyone who wants knowledge on more than one octave can learn the benefits.

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03-06-2012, 10:29 AM
Hey there. I am looking to add a few farads of cap to my system. My question is will the 5-farad cap be better or worse than (5) 1-farad caps, and why? what is a hybrid cap?