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02-06-2012, 08:10 PM
Item(s) for Sale:
Focal 5k3241 /r Component set 5inch woofer and 1inch tweeter

Item(s) Description/Condition:
5inch woofer and 1inch tweeter
I would say cosmetically 9/10 there is some dust and a weird sticker thing on the cross over witch can be removed I'm just too lazy to do it
Mechanical I would say 10/10 sound great.


Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
Free shipping to lower 48

Item Pictures:

02-06-2012, 10:58 PM
your hands are beautiful, free bump just for that.....and oh yeah great product to :up2somet:

Why So Cereal?
02-06-2012, 11:04 PM
trades? if so what would u be looking for?

Bettr n' Revrse
02-07-2012, 12:28 AM
That ^^^^ Im pretty interested...

02-07-2012, 12:47 AM
These have the TN-47 tweeters, correct?

02-07-2012, 12:53 AM
Your user name is just awful for selling speakers...

02-07-2012, 05:45 AM
Nice price for some nice speakers. GLOP

02-07-2012, 06:36 AM
Hahaha thanks for the hand comment , and yes probably not the best of choices on my username. To be honest I have no idea what kind of tweeters they have I will have to look if there is markings on them, maybe a fellow member will chime in here. As far as trades go I am really strapped for cash right now and not really looking for anything in particular but if you have something you think will wow me let me know what it is.

Bettr n' Revrse
02-07-2012, 06:49 AM
I have a few things I'll trade JL coaxials LNIB, alpine Pdx 100.4, neo shallow 8" subs, Sony es deck, maybe some other stuff I'm not sure hahaha...

02-07-2012, 07:52 AM
hmm might be interested in a trade for that alpine pdx but I have got to try and sell these for cash first, sorry but I've got bills to pay :(

Bettr n' Revrse
02-07-2012, 06:42 PM
Ill add you so we can IM

02-07-2012, 08:29 PM
tweeter specs?

02-08-2012, 08:46 AM
Honestly I have no clue these are the only specs I could find on them

02-17-2012, 12:51 PM
so what is included in the $100 price and is everything in working order?

02-17-2012, 01:27 PM

02-17-2012, 05:49 PM
You have pm bro

02-19-2012, 10:54 AM
sorry sold these locally please close