View Full Version : Need some dimensions

02-05-2012, 01:41 AM
My Aunt decided she wants some low end in her 03(I think) Ford F-150 4 door since I'm down here. Nothing special just 2 RE REX-8s. Thing is, they're going under the back seat, which is no problem but I need the dimensions for the driver side back seat.

I know the rough dimensions are 25 in x 12 in x ~9in Front of seat , ~4 in Back of seat. Roughly 1.28 cubes. Thats just under the dual driver side. Thing is, I'm not gonna be around the truck for a good 3 or 4 days.

Anyone have a similiar truck that could get dimensions for me?

I would like to do 1.2 cubes before displacement, about 1.7 after, at 32hz. I need to squeeze out another ~.9 cubes. Is it possible to extend it all the way over the passenger side without inhibiting seat moving?

And yes I'm gonna do a build log when I get back whether I get the subs in and if I don't get help. I would just like to design it while I'm on the road.

BTW Thanks to Mike for deleting other thread.