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02-02-2012, 11:00 AM
Yea, NY. Where our roads are dusty from November thru April.

I've been tinkering with car audio since I first cobbled together my first system in my 1984 Buick Regal in 1992. Was a far cry from "good", but I was fairly broke, still living at home, and well, had to do pretty much everything on a shoestring budget.

Last incarnation of the system in 1996 or so was a radio shack tape head unit, a Targa 4 way crossover that fed some cheap Thump amps. Two 400w 4 channel amps for the tweeters and midrange speakers, a 2 channel 600w amp for the two 8" midbass drivers, and a 2 channel 800w amp for the 12" sub (bridged to 1 channel 4ohm). Yea, those power ratings were about 5x what the amps actually did, but with the amp rack I built for the truck, it looked "impressive" to the inexperienced eye.

Next vehicle was a 1994 Bronco (still have it), in 1998. Started with a JVC Tape head unit, with a 12 disc changer bought used from a friend. Added a Jensen 4 channel amp with 2 12's in a sealed box... Pyle 70 series subs. Kicker impulse speakers in the doors, using the ford premium sound system amp on the firewall for the door/rear side (still stock) speakers. Intended on upgrading the system, only did part with a JVC KD-SH99 head unit, matching 12 disc changer, and that's about it. SH99 started getting flakey, put in the Blaupunkt Los Angelas cd player from my mom's bronco (that they traded in), it was having issues. Last night, I just soldered up the harness for a JVC SH8350 (i think that's it) and a chx1100 cd changer to throw back in there. Gotta have some kinda tunes while off roading, ya know! This truck has 247000 miles, and it's not driven much, so the system is going to be "just good enough" to use for occasional use.

Then, in 2004, I got a 2002 WJ (Grand Cherokee). Used the stock infinity system for a while, came with a 200W amp under the seat, and a 10 disc changer, and a tape/cd head unit. 6 channel amp, too. Ripping apart the interior, I installed a Kenwood KDC-x790, 10 disc changer, two MTX amps (4ch and 1ch), Audiobahn 6x9, tweeters in front, 6.5's in the rear doors. Sealed custom made box (by me) with two 15" MTX subs. Audiobahn speakers ******. Replaced with 6.5" component MTX speakers and 6.5" coaxials. One of the 6.5" woofers died, scrapped the MTX speakers, went with Kicker, been perfect ever since. The 1 channel amp died. Replaced both with another set of MTX amps. Same thing. F MTX. Went with Kenwood amps. They've been perfect ever since. (Trend???) Amps are installed under the back seat, using stock wiring for midrange/tweeters. Fairly clean install. MTX sub died. Again, F MTX. Found a set of cheaper Xtreme audio subs at Infinate Audio. $140 for the pair, never an issue with them. So, I'm kinda jaded against MTX now, though I only owned their mid-range stuff, none of the high end. Couldn't afford it. But, looking back, maybe it woulda been a more wise investment. Still have the WJ with 228000 miles on it now.

In 2008, I bought a 2005 SRT-4. Initially, I took the CD changer from the WJ, and bought a new cable and put it in the trunk of the SRT. Cheap way to get more music. Went with a JVC HDR70 head unit, bought a 90 degree usb cable, and stuck the flash drive in the pocket below the head unit. Not bad sounding for stock front speakers, blaupunkt rear 6x9's. The previous owner cut the rear deck carpet and put in the speaker grilles. Ugh, hate it. Need to find a new deck carpet, and then I'll install my MB Quart 6.5" comp. set in the front, and coaxials in the rear. Planning on getting a single 5 channel amp, and a small box with either two 8's, or maybe 1 10. I have the two 8" mtx speakers from the Buick still. I want a lightweight system in this car, performance is important, but a little more weight in the rear will balance the car out a little better.

Well, that's my history. I also have dual band 2m/70cm ham radios in the SRT and WJ, CB in the Bronco, and a 10m rig in the WJ. Planning on eventually putting a 2m rig in the bronco, also.


02-02-2012, 02:35 PM

Sounds like your gains are too high if you are blowing up equipment. I have owend just about every level of MTX subs and beat the royal **** out of them and never had a single issue. Never tried their amps.

02-03-2012, 12:30 PM
I think I just had some subs made late on a friday, or on a monday morning after a hangover, or something. The gain wasn't even up very far when I was adjusting the amp when it started to crackle. As far as the amps dying, that's an odd one. One of the monoblock amps is now in someone elses XJ, and working fine. Whatever, the Kenwood amps have been good to me, and the Xtreme subs are still happy. :)