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Moble Enclosurs
01-24-2012, 08:59 AM
Hey all!
I was recently posting about some information that was helpful to a few people, and it gave me an idea to post a thread.

I changed the way I want to do this because the way I wrote it before took away from having a forum in the first place.
So, what I want to do, is gather some questions from you guys that you think will be helpful for everyone to know.
Even if these questions have been answered before, I want to make a list of them.
I am going to make a page on my site with all of these as a Q&A for common audio questions.

These do not have to be posted to get answers right away, this is just to compose a list of commonly asked ones based on what the majority of you guys like to know.
This will help in the future.
These should not be specific questions, for specific equipment..............just general. The specific ones can be obviously answered in the forum as they should.

Please help out with this guys. This is for the future of audio. Thanks if you can help.