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01-22-2012, 06:55 PM
Item(s) for Sale: Skar VVX-15" woofers

Item(s) Description/Condition: used. Great condition. One sub has a mark on the surround. Had it when I got them new. one dustcap was leaking air for some reason so i went and put some super glue under the seam. i believe a manufacturing defect. does not effect functionality. very loud woofers.

dual 4 ohm 600rms rated.

if you would like the box let me know. if you have any year extended cab ranger it will fit ;)


330 west coast 345 east coast shipped

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
via fedex included in price.

Item Pictures:
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01-22-2012, 11:05 PM
i have an ext cab ranger... but the back is filled. would love to have em though... glws

01-22-2012, 11:38 PM
How much airspace do these need?

01-23-2012, 02:30 AM
2.5 min 4.25ft^3 max...

01-23-2012, 06:04 AM
GLWS Don. Nice price for some nice subs.

01-23-2012, 06:09 AM
bump for jew

01-23-2012, 03:20 PM
heard a pair or 12s they got stupid low. great subs for the price

01-24-2012, 04:54 PM
thanks, yes they are!!! need them gone guys!

01-25-2012, 01:24 AM
Up top

01-26-2012, 02:21 PM
Buy this mans subs.... Great subs at a great price from a great guy... No go build my Box Don LOL

01-27-2012, 02:12 PM
both are gone.