View Full Version : New to forum, but not sound. Need a few tips and suggestions

01-20-2012, 01:18 PM
Hi guys, names nick.

About half a year ago a bought a new 03 ford f250 diesel. Crew cab 4-door. Done alot of work to her but was missing the great sounds of bass.

I have decided i will be building a custom box right now for the center console of the truck between to the 2 front seats.

It will be holding 2 10" L7 kickers. pushing 600w each. Will also house 2-4 mids and 2 tweeters in the box. I will also have an equalizer mounted on the box along with some other switches controls lights and my chip that was installed in the truck. I most likely will be covering this with leather. And will have red LED's illuminating the subs.

Just would like a couple tips and suggestions on this before i carry out the project and such. With thieves being....well thieves i need a secure way to keep these secure and save. I already have it rigged so it wont start if my truck is being stolen. (has a kill switch). I figured i would use some security hex nuts to hold the box to the floor and also go the the body and have lock tabs ont he other side. Also( this is legal in my state) But I will keep the box lifted about and 1" off the floor and have razor wire hidden under the box. Ive used this before, had someone try to brake into my mustang to steal my system, woke up next morning with the trunk opened and my box covered in red=)

Does anyone maybe have a few other tips on what i can do to make this system very nice? For protection and for an over all great looking truck.?

Also how to you really get a rounded edge on a box? arent you suppose to screw it together or nail it together?

There are a few images posted, one of my design, not completely done but its close. and the other is a design im working off to make mine.