View Full Version : need help tuning my hifonics hfi1500. Also forsale

01-18-2012, 02:18 PM
Hey guys I finally got my system all hooked up and im in the "break in process" on my new sub. Heres what i got going

Stock alt. "blazer extreme 4.3L"
Duralast yellow top under hood
Kenetic hc2000 in back
big 3
0 gauge from batt to batt and 4 gauge from back batt to amp
FI SSD 18 fully loaded wired to 1 ohm
Hifonics hfi1500d

What should I tune my amp at for "breaking in" the sub, and what should I tune the amp to after sub is "broke in?" Also amp is forsale for $135. cosmetic 7.5/10 internal 10/10. Pic's can be sent to phone

right now amp is tuned at

level: 6v
bass EQ: 4DB
subsonic: 10HZ
Low pass: 100HZ?

Help me out guys! And no need to call me an idiot or etc cuz im just starting out and i no i have done some pretty dumb stuff already. So i guess just give me your opinion.

01-18-2012, 03:05 PM
You should set your gain properly while breaking in the sub and set your gain properly after you have broken in the sub.

But since you are selling it, it is best you do neither since apparently you don't know what you are doing and run the risk of damaging your equipment.