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01-16-2012, 01:11 AM
I'm going to be building a wall for 8-12s behind rear seat in 4dr Tahoe. I've built many enclosures but this will be a first attempt at a wall. I'm unsure at this point if I'm going to make this a permanent install, or more of a 'large box' with trimming to make it flush.

As is, my current sketch is about 24ft^3 at about 27.5hz. I like tuning around 33 or so, but the way I have the port, this is about as high as it goes. I can't really make the port any larger (area) or shorter, without totally changing the layout. I'm also playing around with using some boost at 44hz to get a bit of a flat shelf between 30-40hz. I asked about this in a separate thread (wouldn't let me link >\). The box will be fit between wheel wells and taper in toward middle, 2 rows of 4. I may upload images later but don't have any hosting setup.

I guess one question is, what type of support will I need on the box? I've never built anything this large. There is already a lot of weight and this isn't a full blown comp car, I have a single HO alt and I will be running about 2.5-3k rms to subs. I may upgrade later to 8-9k tops.

Also, what is a good approach to assembly. Obviously it will be hard if not impossible to screw stuff together inside the car. The box as a whole will not fit in through rear doors. Will decent wood glue suffice? Is 2x4 support/framing a necessity?

Anyway, I can see myself running into problems down the road and would like to avoid as many as possible.

Thanks ahead.. Any help is appreciated.

Moble Enclosurs
01-16-2012, 02:49 AM
As far as putting some of the walls together, or perpendicular or oblique angled panels that will be impossible to screw together, "L" shaped brackets will work. Secure one side to one piece, and the other side to the other piece. Spacing can be important depending on the size of the brackets and the length of the sides to be secured. Also, always consider the shell to be double or greater thickness than a single piece for sturdiness of the structure as well as self dampening. The sturdier, the less resonances are absorbed into the vehicle and the more efficient the output, acoustically. Hope that helps. Also, make sure to secure the shell to the vehicle the best way possible so it is secure before putting the inside together. Build from the outside in if possible, or if you are doing a temp wall as you mentioned, if the box is to be build before install, put some absorbtion material between it and the vehicle structure as well. Many other tips can be given also if others are willing to share.