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01-15-2012, 10:55 PM
how would i go about taking the caculations from an aero port from psp were u can caculate aeroports and turn the round port to square? aslong as it has almost the same area? on the inside?

and a few more questions....
right now i for my box i have
for volume in cubic feet 4.36
i was wondering is this enogh space for a spl box for one 12 fibtl n2?
and if so how big should the port be? or better yet how much volume should the port take up? for spl? and i was thinking of doing maby a 41 htz port is that to high keep in mind it is a square port that i will be removing when i am done competing and bolting on a port for daily use. and one more questions should i have the port on passanger side or driver side i wanna have it facing the front of the car completely sealed of from the trunck. can someone please helpand i want to have the square port coming out of the box when competing anyone have a caculator for that or how i can go about figureing that out?
the volume is with out the braces and woofer displacement i will have them in a 2004 grand am gt

Moble Enclosurs
01-17-2012, 03:00 AM
As far as turning a round port into a square one, do this.....take the radius of the round port and square it, for example a 6 inch port would be roughly 3" radius, so 3^2=9. Then multiply that by 3.146. Then take that number and divide it by one side of your needed round port, and it will give you the other side. So 3^2=9, 9*3.146=28.314, then if your height of the square port is say 10", then take 28.314/10=2.8314?. So, if one side of your square port was 10, then the other side to keep it the same area as the round port would be 2.8314, or you can either round down or up to the nearest size you want to keep the dimensions uniform, such as using 2.75 or 3 as the other dimension. Hope that helps. As far as the specifics of your design, that I cannot answer right now because I am at work. And also, I would need to calculate some info that would require some time that I do not give for free with all of the designs that I do. But I hope the port information will help a little.

01-18-2012, 11:57 AM
How much room do you have for the port, as in can it stick straight out of the box 1-2 feet or does it need to wrap around the enclosure due to space constraints?