View Full Version : Hertz HDP4 with MLK 2 TW?

01-13-2012, 05:58 PM
Im tempted at pulling the trigger on a Hertz MLK 2 TW comp, however Im in need of help in regards to how much power I need to give them.
I have a HDP4 (which Im not planning on swapping atm, just got it) and it delivers 150Wx4 / 500Wx2 bridged.
The speakers are rated at 150W/300W peak and will be run passive, however I find most reviews or posts regarding theese say they really need alot more power than 150W.
Some say 250-300 is what you need to make them play well, especially midbass.

So know you see my problem.. 150W will probably be to weak, and a waste of money to spend on expensive speakers that I cant use to its fullest, so my option is to bridge and run them at 500W each.

Is there anyone that can shed some light on wether they can handle that kind of power or if I should settle for 150W anyway?

This forum has already helped me alot, but to this particular problem I couldnt find any previous posts!

01-14-2012, 05:37 AM
I'd say you will probably be fine. I have seen a review of HDP4 amplifier where it was tested for wattage. I believe the result was something like 195watts RMS at 4ohms, around 300watts at 2ohms. This is with 14.4V battery, at 1%THD. Kudos to Hertz for providing a wattage rating that's actually likely to be seen in the real world.

If you do think that this is not enough power, then buy some other speakers. There is plenty that will work with your amplifier.