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01-08-2012, 11:48 PM
EDIT!!! Purchased a SNES system on Ebay as of 1-9-2012. No longer looking for system. Still interested in games. Also on the market for a home subwoofer amp (around 500rms preferred but still throw up offers).

My items to offer:

1. Kicker KQ9 (only used ~4-5 months). Only took out because it was too tight of a fit in my dash. Cosmetically about a 8 of 10, only scratched from sliding in and out against radio cage clips.

2. Arc Audio KEQ5. VERRRY nice eq, 6-7 of 10, scratches but has adjustable band width, power plug is included, lights up blue. Sounds better than the KQ9 i.m.o but not as cosmetically appealing.

3. RF Elite Power Series T400.4 - super underrated @ 25x4 @ 4ohms, 1 ohm stable, 2 40a fuses. strong 8 of 10 but missing front cover plate and slight crack in left corner of plastic wiring face

4. Powerbass ASA400.2 - 9 of 10, only removed from truck because i recently got an Aura RPM 2300

5. LNIB Cadence CS265k comps - only taken out to mount in a location that I didn't end up liking, never seen power

6. set of Memphis Studio Comp 8" midranges. phase plugs included, 8.5 of 10, no actual issues cosmetically other than sticker rub/wear. Sound really really really good

7. set of Soundstream Pro 10" 8ohm mids. Came out of Neill Barber's blazer (back when it had the 12 15" subs), he ran 4 of them behind his wall coming out from the hatch area. I may have had them hooked up for ~15 minutes and have never fiberglassed my truck to use them. They get LOUD. 8 of 10 cosmetically

8. A RF 400s 2 channel (if I'm not mistaken by mod#) --- I will have to double check later when I get off. My dad was using this to power a RF HE 10" sub for about 2 weeks until he got a JBL 700.1. no endplates but 7 of 10 just from age.

If you're interested please PM me so we can text (which will be quicker since I'm not on 24-7) and work a deal.

HHIITT me up!

Sub Woofin
01-09-2012, 12:08 AM
i think i still got some snes games including killer instinct. i'll let you know if i find them

01-09-2012, 12:50 AM
i think i still got some snes games including killer instinct. i'll let you know if i find them

Thanks. Please do that.

01-09-2012, 03:10 PM
Please close. SOLD.