View Full Version : Digital Designs 9515G with Platinum Kevlar Cone and Platinum Cap

01-07-2012, 02:05 AM
Item(s) for Sale:
Digital Designs 9515G with Platinum Kevlar Cone and Platinum Cap

Item(s) Description/Condition:
Got Digital Designs 9515G. It has a Platinum Kevlar Cone and Platinum Dust Cap. Its a Dual .7ohm sub and was recently reconed and still needs breaking in time. Its in great condition and works great. If interested you can send me a pm or email me at [email protected] for faster response.

$600 plus shipping from 96792

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01-07-2012, 02:07 AM
Very nice sub but I think a pic would help?? GLWS OP

Bettr n' Revrse
01-07-2012, 02:07 AM

01-07-2012, 02:14 AM
alot of dd's for sale all of a sudden. glws sir

01-07-2012, 02:20 AM
Just uploaded pics selling em because need money to recone my 2 dd 9518f kevlar cone subs

01-07-2012, 03:02 AM
some day my honeypots will be big enough.

glws though.

Bettr n' Revrse
01-07-2012, 03:42 AM
Need a pic with username and date... Thats gorgeous though!

01-11-2012, 05:30 AM
that is gorgeous to bad is only one

01-11-2012, 08:36 PM
that a good price atleast somebody wit DD's have some sense! some other guy had some 3512d and he was trying to get a stuipd price for them. i bet he still got them!

01-11-2012, 10:49 PM
Taking trades depending what u got but will get pics with username soon

01-22-2012, 09:32 PM
Gone.....Thanks for all interests