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Bought an amp from him around the beginning of november, was told for the price i was paying i would be given some knu and cadence 0 gauge wire and ring terminals. Opened my amp to find damage not listed in description, so i contacted him and he apoligized, said it slipped his mind and gave me a small refund as i had asked. Was told that he sent the wires, first to the address in my paypal( i had requested it be sent to a different address, my shop, but my paypal address is my house) well didnt get anything at the house, asked him about it and he said he would send it to the business. After a few weeks, i contacted him, he said usps had not shipped his packages because they claim he did not pay for them. (sounds fishy, if he really did pay he would have a reciept to show it) He assured me that he would send me pictures the next day, of the wire in the box being ready to ship. This was roughly 3 weeks ago. I tried to pm him on Christmas eve, but nothing. Im trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, especially after reading his feedback, but now he hasnt answered my pm. Its not the biggest deal in the world, just frustrating especially because i could really use that wire right about now.

bought amp and 0 gauge wire/ring terminals early november
amp had undescribed damage
partial refund for damage

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