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01-01-2012, 09:49 AM
As many thanks go out to everyone that is about to start supporting SPL-Lab USA, we will start off the new year with a different kind of Group Buy.

Typically, our past group buys were just to get the customer a certain product or two at a lower cost... But we have something different to offer.

We will have all of the following products available for group buy-

USB Meter
LCD Meter
USB Pro Meter
Wireless Bluetooth Meter
USB Noise Meter
RTA Pro Meter

For information about our products, please visit our website-
SPL-Lab USA (http://www.spllabusa.com)

This will be a very large group buy but there is still something else..

The Customer, you, will be able to choose their own measurement range!
This means you can choose a device taylored specifically to your needs.

Below, I will list ALL available options for each meter that customer may choose. No matter what options you may choose, the price will still be the same!

USB Meter-
Stock specs - 120-179dB 20hz-120hz
Price - $349 Group buy


110-169dB, 115-174dB, 125-184dB, 130-189dB, 135-194dB

LCD Meter-
Stock specs - 120-180dB 20hz-120hz
Price - $399 Group Buy


115-175dB, 125-185dB, 130-190dB, 135-195dB

USB Pro Meter-
Stock specs - 120-179dB 20hz-120hz
Price - $499 Group Buy


110-169dB, 115-174dB, 125-184dB, 130-189dB, 135-194dB

Wireless Bluetooth Meter-
Stock specs - 130-180dB 20hz-120hz
Price - $419 standard, $449 with extra long range Group Buy


125-175dB, 135-185dB, 140-190dB, 145-195dB

USB Noise Meter-
Stock specs - 80-140dB 20hz-20000hz

RTA Pro Meter-
Stock specs - 90-130dB 20hz-20000hz

Both of the above meter can be changed to 10hz-20000hz.

For custom calibration, please PM me for more information.

All group buy payments are sent to-
[email protected]

If you are wanting to change anything listed above from stock specs, please put in payment or PM what you would like your specs to be.

Thank You.

Payment information-
We request minimum deposit of $165 during group buy to be guaranteed group buy price. You can also send full amount as well.

If you do not send full amount, we cannot release product for shipping until it has been fully paid.

Expected delivery of inventory for this group buy is sometime near end of February 2012.

01-01-2012, 10:05 AM
Wireless meter was the best 450$ I spent last year. Ease of setup is far supperior to anything else out there.

01-01-2012, 04:05 PM
get in on the new year group buy.

01-29-2012, 11:10 AM
This group buy has been extended to Jan 31, 2012 11:59pm EST