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03-06-2004, 06:54 PM
I'm planning uping my SQ because I like driving on the freeway and I can't hear my music.
I wanted to put in a subwoofer because I thought putting in one would be cheaper than me replacing the 2 rear OR the two front speakers.
When I play my music now I have some bass but it's not enough and my speakers can not recover from most of my Trance/Techno and just sounds like "woof ww woof woof" instead of "boom boom boom."

So should I replace my 2 front OR 2 rear speakers?
Or drop in a subwoofer?

I'm after more bass but I want clear/SQ bass.

03-06-2004, 11:10 PM
how about this (if you really can't afford to replace everything, or buy multiple amps):

get yourself a multichannel amp to power everything, or get one that runs in tri-mode. you would basically run 2 of the amp's channels to your front speakers. then, bridge the two remaining channels to a good subwoofer. run your rear speakers from your headunit (since they shouldn't be too loud anyway), and you should be all set.

a nice multichannel amp, a wiring kit, sub & box should all be managed with 300 bucks or so. hope thats not too pricey for you. of course, to keep the price low, be sure to install it yourself. going with the above setup could provide you with some incredible sound quality, for cheap.

of course, you could just run a sub with an amp, in addition to your current speakers but consider this: without amping your interior speakers, you're still not going to be able to crank your stereo much higher than you do now, as the speakers will still be getting the same clipped signal from your HU. i learned this a month ago, when i finished my sub's install, and wondered why my system still wasn't "crankin". don't get me wrong -- the subs were hitting HARD, and giving me wood, but i could not achieve the massive volume and quality i wanted until i amped the interior speakers.

good luck!

abe m.

03-07-2004, 01:07 AM
you said that you like driving on the freeway... you might want to consider some sound deadening material to block out ambient noise. It should make your sound a lot better.

03-07-2004, 02:13 AM
using a 4 channel amp is a good suggestion to keep within a budget. Plus it can still be used if you do one day get a sub amp
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03-07-2004, 01:42 PM
You see I wanted to spend as little money as possible.
I'm still super new, so explain to me why powering up my int/front speakers will not just blow them out?
Also are you saying my HU is not putting out enough WATTS for some good SQ to be reached in my int speakers?

What I mean by freeway is, windows down.
The treble is nice and crisp but the bass suffers and just leaves when my HU volume(1-30 or 40) is anywhere near 18-22. 22 is what I need on the freeway.
My back speakers carry the most bass.

So I need a multi channel/tri-mode and how powerful should the amp be and watts per channel?

The HU has 1 pre-amp output with Sub level control and 45Wx4 amplifier.

03-07-2004, 07:52 PM
well i have kind of a similar problem. i have abose system so i dont have as much play as u do b/c bose is run diff, but i listen to trance and techno too. i have 2 8" subs in my trunk 45 watts to each and when i have them on and the volume is low u know now very loud i cant hear my music cause of all the boom. so the subs may not be your answer. techno and trance need extreme clarity to sound good. If you planning on upping the sq you may need to put some money in. atleast for the speakers. for clarity the speakers are more important then the subs. The best way to do this is stated above. purchase a 4 channel amp. question about the hu is that 24 watts x 4 45 watts rms? or max? we really need to see all the spekaer ratings and the brand of speaker to be able to help you more. IM me on my aim sn if u need help SuBZeRo69069

03-08-2004, 02:33 PM
My stock speakers are: 10 ohm oversized 6.5" (6.75") delco.

Help? What should I replace with? With great SQ treble/bass and clarity. These speaker are very clear already they just can't handle bass at high volume.
I picked getting a Subwoofer because I can just pull it out with the Amp and don't have to strip the car down (for some reason or another).
I want great sound my buying TWO NEW pair of fronts and an AMP to power them seems like alot more money than I plan on spending. If someone can give me an idea round the $250-$100, I might try, but also an electronic place is getting ready for a huge clearence and the stuff you suggest maybe on sale. (Give me examples from Sony, JL, Alpine, RF, and Boston). I know they carry that stuff.....

03-08-2004, 03:28 PM
amp- profile cl640 4x75 at 4 ohms ikesound.com $110
or profile ca440 4x60 at 4 ohms ikesound.com $83.70

subs- 2 re 8's $100 (build a ported box to specs yourself)

wiring - wal mart $20-25 8 gauge should be fine but the four gauge kit is nice if you wnat to upgrade eventually

speakers- infinty 6000cs ikesound.com $105
or cdt cl-61 $150 thezeb.com

thezeb.com should pricematch everything so you can get manufactorers warranty.

03-08-2004, 09:22 PM
allyourblood--what is Implod in you signature, don't you mean xplod

haha, yeah. i'm just poking a little fun at Sony...

abe m.

03-08-2004, 09:43 PM
i listen to EBM/industrial, which shares alot of similarities with Trance/Techno, so that's what my system is geared most to. i can play Trance with great clarity (even standing a good distance outside my car), and it gets loud enough to where i can't sit inside my car if i turn it almost all the way up, or the flesh will begin to slough off of my body from the sheer volume. j/k

sooo.... first and foremost, you need to amp your speakers. most headunits do not put out anywhere near what they advertise (at least, not RMS). your HU (45w x 4) is more realistically pushing about 12-15 watts per channel, and noisily at that. the reason being, when you turn up your stereo, the headunit begins to clip as it reaches max volume. when this happens, your speakers will distort, and sound skank. adding an amp will provide your spkrs with a nice, FAT and clean signal, and allow you to raise your volume considerably! i didn't think it would either (sounds silly), but my lowly 60w Sony speakers are capable of getting extremely loud, while maintaining their clarity.

another factor is bass. your speakers are not intended to play massive amounts of loud bass. that's where a new sub comes in, with an amp. you connect your front speakers to a couple of the channels, and set the amp's "crossover" accordingly, so the smaller, interior speakers play only the high frequencies. your sub will be set to a much lower crossover, and thus, will only play the low frequencies. again, the amp is required to send a clean and powerful signal to your subwoofer, so it can run smoothly.

Delco's speakers are generally very subpar, when compared to average aftermarket companies. you seem pretty pleased with yours. why not just buy the amp, and sub (and box, and wiring, etc...) and hook that up first? no matter what, you will not be disappointed. a subwoofer on its own can do a lot to improve your sound, if you're content with your current interior speakers, since most folks looking to upgrade are most interested in loud, clean bass frequencies.

i suggest a multichannel amp so that you may add a couple nice speakers up front, when you can afford to do so. that way, you don't have to go and purchase another amp. i warn you, though, that at some point you will want some tasty new speakers, so keep it in mind (and start saving!).

i agree with SubXero, that good speakers are a huge portion of your SQ, and if your Delcos aren't keeping up with the subwoofer, you may be a bit disappointed. however, i personally chose to install a subwoofer, and worried about my interior speakers later. i'm glad i did it that way -- i got to enjoy some big, boomy bass before i beefed up the rest of my system to match.

abe m.

03-08-2004, 09:50 PM
My stock speakers are: 10 ohm oversized 6.5" (6.75") delco.

goo! um... i don't know that you could amp those, to good effect. but my recommendation still stands. depending on what you're most interested in improving first, you could either buy a couple speakers and an amp (& wiring), within your budget, or buy a subwoofer and amp.

DON'T make the mistake of trying to spread your budget thin, and buying cheaper speakers/subs/amp all at once: it will sound so bad you'll wish you hadn't bought anything.

abe m.

03-09-2004, 01:01 PM
Ok, I'm going to see someone at the end of the week.
I'm going to be thinking over both choices 1: new front speakers w/ amp 2: Subwoofer w/ amp.
I'll let you know something then or if I have any questions about the setup I might pick and pricing.

03-13-2004, 02:06 PM
One suggestion I got was: Alpine..
6-1/2" Type-S Series Coaxial 2-Way Speaker

Peak Power 200W
• 40W RMS Power
• Spoke Design Grill System
• Frequency Response: 35Hz – 30kHz
• Strontium Ferrite Magnet
• Aluminum-Coated Woofer Cone
• Rubber Surround
• Nomex® Spider
• 1/2" Balanced Dome Tweeter
• Neodymium Tweeter Magnet
• Variable Swivel Tweeter
• 16cm Mounting Adapter Included

I need to listen to them again.

03-16-2004, 12:41 AM
i dunno if this info is getting to ya too late, but i have Type S all round, and i am NOT completly satisfied with them. BUT this may be an unfair opinion, in that i don't have them amped and they are currently running off of an old sony HU.

i believe someone suggested this earlier, but i would (in your case) save up for some good quality component speakers for the front and just something to go in the rear (powered from your HU) it doesn't really matter what speaker. and then depending on what you want in terms of bass. you can get a type R12 for about $100 or step it up to RE SE12 for $150 www.respl.com

profile amps are good amps to look at for budget speaker amps.

well anyways good luck on the search, and shoot me a PM if u got any other Q's

03-21-2004, 10:12 AM
well your orginal question was that you could not hear your music... not bass.. so a sub is rule out.. you need speakers and amp... suggestions if you are on budget $250-$100
CDT Classics $150 thezeb.com as mention and one of the amps above ^. Wiring kit from walmart.. so fits your budget=) and from my experience... 50x2rms > Freeway noise for my rav4