View Full Version : Decisions decisions, what should I do...or what did I do wrong

12-27-2011, 04:21 PM
Ok here is my dilemma, I am currently running an audison LRx 2.500 amp to power a pair of Rainbow CS265.25 Germanium in the front doors and an audison LRx 2.250 powering another pair of Rainbow CS265.25 Germanium in the rear doors and a JL audio 500/1 powering a JL audio kicker box.

Here is my problem I have blown the front rainbow speakers twice, so I am looking at going with some new speakers either the DLS UP6i, Focal 165KP, CDT ES-620, or Dynaudio 240 GT....

Also I am thinking of changing out my Audison amps and going with either a pair of Zapco Ref 750.2, Soundstream TX2.1500 tarantula, or an Arc Audio...

Reason being I am just not getting the deafening loudness I was looking for....I am looking for something that with a 1/4 run of the volume knob my ears are hurting, and with room to spare for if I am shooting basketball or hanging out at the park and want to listen to some tunes, I can hear it with windows down...

I would have thought my current setup would have giving me everything I was thinking of....I even had the system installed at a local sound shop so I'm assuming they installed everything correctly and to within specs

any ways any suggestions on if I should try new speakers or give rainbow another chance and or if I should change out my amps so let me hear what everyone has to suggest.....I would go to some sound shops and listen but around here the only thing my local shops carry are the likes of Kenwood, Alpine, JL Audio, etc so I am relying on the forums expertise


12-29-2011, 01:28 AM
^^^you say you want to get louder?
**** you have a pair of speakers in your front doors? 250 per side, plus you have a pair in the rear,125 per side & you aren't getting loud enough?
are you just **** deaf??????????????????

I'm running a pair markaudio widerange mids in my dash with 8inch subs running as midbass off of a Boston gt40 which is only around 80rms per channel & people can hear me coming a block away.

12-29-2011, 11:15 AM
yeah evidentally or I don't have it tuned correctly, so should my setup be suffice or should I look at getting new speakers (since my current ones are blown) looking at DLS UP6I, Focals 165KP2, Hertz MK165, or CDT-ES-620....also looking at maybe going with the Fosgate Punch 75 (25 to Life) they push ~ 300 w rms per channel or the soundstream Tarantula TX2.1500 that push also 300 per channel RMS, or maybe a Zapco Ref 750.2......my fisrts concern are the speakers and then I'll go from there.