View Full Version : Front speaker suggestions for '00 Intrepid with Infinity system

12-26-2011, 04:15 PM
I'm getting conflicting results looking for matching speakers.

SOme say 6 3/4 and some say typical 6.5 will work, other say 6.5 with a spacer.

Does the reardeck have 6x9s like the base model?

My friends's brother and I are looking into about 70 for the set. My friend isn't necessarily an audiophile, but I don't want to give her base model Pioneers or Kenwoods, either.

Thank you for any help

12-27-2011, 03:37 AM
$70 for front and rear speakers? That is barely enough for base models from poor manufacturers. Or $70 for the rears only? No preference in that price range, nothing is great so just buy whatever you can get... Or look for some used. Spacers or adapters are usually required regardless, it is less common for drop-in replacements. I have seen several rear speaker drop-ins but metal to metal comtact isn't desired. Add some weatherstripping foam on the front and back of the new speaker baskets to recreate factory seals.

Note that the chrysler infinity system has amplifiers, sometimes they were mounted to the speaker. Your best bet before buying anything is to get in there, remove a factory driver from front and rear, verify mounting depth and size, and get a handle on the wiring requirements. But rear speakers should be visible from the trunk pretty easily, no reason to ask about that. Then you can disconnect the speakers and meter them with a DMM so you know what the factory impedance is. Some of the premium systems use 2 ohm drivers. You can go with higher impedance drivers but you lose output.