View Full Version : Box help for a single Kicker L7 15" inside of a trunk.

12-14-2011, 12:22 PM
Hey guys, can someone help me checking if the following size would be almost ok for a single Kicker L7 15"?

I am working at the moment with 30"W, 16"H, 21.25"D. Port size will be 3.5, without L in the port.

According to RF box calc and some math, I will be seeing 4 cu FT, tuned @ 34Hz, hopefully after the sub displacement I can get 3.8 tuned at 35Hz.

If my math off by much? I cant really go anywhere with the sizes, those are the max than I can get in my car's small trunk. Should I use a 3" port only and tune lower? Also been considering that one.

Thanks in advance for your time guys.

12-14-2011, 03:00 PM
If you cab, use as big of a box as you can. Kickers like big boxes to begin with and you have more cone area than a typical 15 so get that box as big as you can. For tuning use 6 in areoports or 3-4 4in aeros. A single 3 inch is wayyyyyyyy too small and you will have a TON of port noise aka whistling. 3in ports are for 8-10in subs.

edit: just saw you are using the RE box calc. Stop immediately and don't use it ever again. It is very inaccurate. If using a slot port, use around 15sq in of port opening for every cubic ft of airspace.