View Full Version : rainbow slc and focal comparison. question about 4x6

12-12-2011, 01:13 AM
2004 Regular Cab Silverado

Im going to replace the door speakers with components. Rainbow SLC NG or Focal 165VR. Same price. The rainbows freq range is 50-30k while the focals are 60-28k. The sensitivity of the focals is slightly better at 94.5 vs rainbows 90. The minimum recommended power to the rainbow is 50 while focal at 75, however i think they could handle more than what im going to give them. In either setup they would be getting ~75w each from an amp and ~20w from the HU. Based on specs they seem very close, the focals retail for more...has anyone heard both sets? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

On the rear panels, the speaker size is 4x6. im considering disabling the current stock speakers and not replacing them with anything. 150w to two components might be enough. Boston Acoustics makes some 4x6's but they dont seem up to par with the slcs or the focals. it seems like I would get more loudness but less quality. Should i replace the stock speakers or leave an empty hole? Thanks for any suggestions.

12-12-2011, 02:35 AM
Forget the rears. Only pros can pull off a convincing soundtage with rears and even then it's just for "ambiance."

I have the slc's and they're a VERY nice set. I have heard the Focals also. Betwen the two, I would have to give the nod to the Focals but that may be because his install was dialed in and mine isn't yet.

The sensitivity edge on the Focals might be due to the tweeter. They're very "bright." Whereas my SLC's are more laid back.

What do you mean "75w from an amp and 20w from the HU?" Do you plan to run the mids on the amp and the tweets off the HU in an active setup or what?

I also wouldn't give much creedance to the 2khz higher FR of he Rainbows. You can't even really hear over 20khz anyway. Lol.

With all of that being said, with a good install, you'll be pleased as punch with either set.