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12-01-2011, 10:51 PM
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Avionixx AXT 1200.2
Class T
only trade will for a pair of 2TB external hard drives..WD or Seagate
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used...has been in storage for about 4 years ..clearing out what i dont need...similar to crystal and elemental designs ED..underrated power..should produce about [email protected]
NUMBER OF CHANNELS 2 Power rated @12.5v
RMS Power @ 4 Ohm, <0.08% THD 2 X 300
RMS Power @ 2 Ohm, <0.5% THD 2 X 600
RMS Power @ Bridged 4 Ohm, <0.5%THD 1 X 1200

Variable Frequency Bass EQ 25Hz - 80Hz
Variable Dynamic Bass Boost 0 - 18dB
Variable Low Pass Crossover Filter 50Hz - 400Hz 24dB
Variable High Pass Crossover Filter 50Hz - 400Hz 24dB
Line Outputs Yes
Overload Protection Yes
Power Bandwidth (Rated Power -1dB) 15Hz - 30kHz
Short Circuit Protection Yes
Cross-Wire Protection Yes
DC Off-Set Protection Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Variable Input Level 15OmV - 6V
Heat Sink Dimensions- Inches 13 7/8 X 9 7/8 X 2 1/4


$175 shipped

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12-05-2011, 10:50 AM
Strong amp.. Run your subs @4 instead of @1 and less strain on electicL