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11-25-2011, 12:49 AM
Review of Subwoofer or Speaker: Morel Maximo 6 component set

This component set is always heavily talked about throughout the forums. There has been some skeptics, and some that swear that this is the best budget component set in the market. All of this mixed debate lead me to purchase a set while it was for sale on Amazon (got them for $80!). I was pretty excited about getting this set. At the time I was running the Pioneer TS-D1720C set, and was pretty convinced that the pioneers were the best budget set at the time. Despite how much I loved the Pioneers, I installed this set on the spot.


Had to sand down the stock location so these tweets would fit nicely.


A photo of the driver just to show the great build quality. The cone material felt strong, and everything about it felt authentic.

Before you read my review I want to describe my install, because we all know that has a huge effect on sound. My doors are currently not sealed, this set is being ran by a Sony XM-3521 so this set is getting only about 35 watts per channel. I had my equalizer set flat, the HPF completely turned off to see how wide of a range this set can produce. I also had my sub woofer off at the time of listening, so I can strictly hear how this set can reproduce sound.

Now enough with the installation ramble, time for the review.

I tested this set with many different lossless tracks and only reviewed the set on a few of them. I tried to make the songs as diverse as possible so I can see what this set plays best with and what it plays worst with.

The first song I decided to review this set on is named Sweet Georgia Brown off of the Focal Sound Quality Demo disc.

As I started to listen to this track, I immediately notice that every instrument being played is very well leveled. Absolutely nothing is overpowering, and everything is in sync with each other. This provides a very smooth response, and a full sound stage. At the same time, articulation did not suffer. This song brings in random trumpet, saxophone, and bass solos. Throughout these parts of the song the response sounded a little thin compared to the intro. At the same time the highs and mids had their chance to shine, they sounded amazingly clean and most importantly accurate. The trumpet and saxophone solos stood out to me the most. You could hear how the trumpeter would put more power behind certain notes and almost hear the parts where he would kind of mess up, and the saxophones sounded flawless and realistic. One thing I did not like throughout this song is that lower brass and strings did not take as much authority as I would have liked, they were lacking presence. On another note the cymbals sounded detailed, and at the same time not harsh whatsoever.

The second song I reviewed this set on is Spanish Harlem (figured I should find something with a female vocalist), this is also off of the Focal Sound Quality Demo Disc.

This song started off very well. The sound stage was very full, exactly the kind of sound I was looking for. It gave a well produced three dimensional sound for just a front stage. As the female vocalist starts to sing, I am disappointed to hear that the set was producing her voice rather bright. Although some of her pitches came off very bright, the lower pitches acquired my attention in a good manner. They sounded very smooth, almost gorgeous. While listening to this track, I noticed that the mid's are doing an amazing job with the bass line. You can hear the finger pluck on each note, and they were playing frequencies that a sub woofer should be playing. The clacking sounds in the background are perfectly thrown in, and fit the stage appropriately. The piano sounds smooth, but to the point where it did not sound accurate enough.

Onto the next song... El Manana by Gorillaz (in ALAC), Figured I should find something that is a little more modern with hip-hop traits and bass.

From previously listening to this track, I immediately assumed that the mid woofers would be unable to produce the bass in this song at all (pretty low, very fast). I was very shocked to find that these little bad boys could handle these lower frequencies like champs without any distortion whatsoever. You can hear the authority of every string on the bass guitar being plucked, and it blended well with the music too. "Tight" and "powerful" are both words to describe how this set can play mid-bass (and even lower frequencies.) The highs and mids also had their chance to shine throughout this song and really showed their full capabilities. This set played the speaker box effect on the vocals very nicely, while still maintaining the fullness of the sound stage. Although I loved how all of the instruments/vocals sounded on this track, I must say that this set did not play everything very balanced on this song.

And last but not least, a song from the Hardcore genre to see how it can handle guitar riffs and powerful drum lines. The song is named Paved Paradise by Have Heart (also in ALAC).

I would have to say my favorite part of this song is the drum and bass line, and this set did an amazing job with them. The percussion sounded very realistic, you could almost picture exactly how the drummer was playing his drum kit. The cymbals (like in the other songs) sounded clean, but didn't sparkle like they should have. Although I loved how this set played everything else in this song, the guitars sounded much too sloppy. You could barely tell the difference when the guitarist would change notes, and it was also much too quiet in comparison to everything else. Although how much I hated how the guitars were produced in this song, I absolutely loved the bass line. It sounded so real that I listened to it repetitively because it was so clean. You can hear the vocals very clearly, and hear every tone of his growls and yells.


I am completely amazed with how well this set sounded for the price. If I could describe this set in two words, they would be "smooth" and "detailed." This set delivers absolutely no harshness and is very rarely bright. The tweets and mids compliment each other very well, and I could not be happier with my purchase. Compared to the Pioneers in the same price range, I would easily choose these Morels. This is not only a good budget set, but it is a good set in general. This set has very few flaws, and I will always recommend this company to anyone looking for some affordable sound quality. (They also have great customer service!)

This is my first review so bare with me, thank you for your time and I hope that this can lead some people into deciding what they want in their front stage!

08-02-2012, 07:42 AM
excellent critical
as have you gone with these speakers?
I like the price
'have you heard a better option for the same price range

09-19-2012, 12:17 PM
excellent critical
as have you gone with these speakers?
I like the price
'have you heard a better option for the same price range

Super late reply sorry about that. & I haven't heard a better option for the price so far. I haven't tried many other sets though. Soon after I finished this review my car got totaled, and since then i've just been waiting to afford a car aside from my daily to dedicate to audio.