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11-21-2011, 06:35 PM
Before deciding on a sub, im trying to figure out how much space I can get in an enclosure in this truck. Im thinking one 10 or 12. How much sub depends on this box. Something in the range of re se, memphis mojo or old xxx... So far, ive seen or thought of 4 methods:

The first, is with a box behind the seats. Most common setup. That seems to be too small for what I want considering I might have to fit an amp back there if there isnt enough room under both seats. The only way I can see this is if the sub were behind the passenger, and the rest of the space behind the driver also goes to the enclosure. Sort of asymmetrical, seems like that design wouldnt sound good.

Second way, is a box made where the legroom of the center console/seat is. Something similar to http://www.caraudio.com/forums/enclosure-design-construction-help/223408-99-silverado-custom-center-console-enclosure.html or 99-06 GM Regular Cab Subwoofer Boxes (http://subthump.com/Chevrolet-GMC-Sub-Boxes/Silverado-Sierra-Regular-Cab/99-06-GM-Custom-Center-Console-Sub-Boxes.html) This might be the best looking method, but i only get 1.5 cu unless I can come up with a better design.

Third, is for me to replace the center seat with a pre made enclosure. This imo could give me enough room to work with, and affords me a better box than what I could make diy. The issue would be ease of access to the sub (theft) Id prefer a downfire setup that has an angle that is harder to access without removing the box, and then attacking the various screws. So finding or designing the correct box would be the issue. This would be my first box build.

Last, is for me to replace the seat with a custom box that also takes up the center console area foot space in front of the center seat. Kind of combining the last two ideas. This is the most work, but gives the the most cu ft for my setup. I think this might be the only way to give something like a old xxx enough room. The problem here is I havent found anyone else doing this, and so id kind of be on my own as far as making it fit and look nice. I could end up with a ride that bumps hard but looks terrible. Im not sure how much cu ft I could get either.

Im not interested in cutting a hole and putting a box in the bed.

Does anyone have experience with a ~1300 watt system in any of these setups? Any recommendations?

11-22-2011, 03:46 PM
Approx. 2 months ago, I put a simple system in a co workers Single Cab GMC/2005 model.We replaced the HU with a Clarion, put Hifonics Zues components with an Audiobahn 600 rms DVC 4ohm 10 inch high excursion subwoofer in a used Bazooka bass tube behind the passanger seat, and behind the drivers seat, we placed an Old school Autotek BTS 7050(44watt amp) at 2ohms on the sub, and an Old school Alpine 3523 with bass blockers on the components, ( they were needed afterwards), and that Truck sounded GREAT!..The sub was shaking the whole cab, and vibrating inside my brick home.The components sounded LOUD CRISP,and Clean for the speakers chosen, to my surprise! Just an Example of an install that worked for that type of vehicle, and we used 8ga feed, with a Fused Dist block, and still sounding GREAT!:D

double 07
11-22-2011, 05:48 PM
Go to my forum and check out the pics. There is a console box I just recently built for an F150. It holds a JL 13w7 and is ported out the rear of box complete with cup holders in front. If you could lengthen the box a little front to back you might can pull that off.

11-23-2011, 06:00 PM
thanks double 07, thats exactly what i needed to see. big sub can be done :)

double 07
11-23-2011, 06:42 PM
You are welcome sir. Oh and by the way his enclosure and sub combo was amazing.. It was plenty loud and low with that JL 1000 watt amp on it.