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11-09-2011, 12:48 PM
This is a VGA and standard video monitor combined - giving it a very clean and attractive appearance. It does not have a recognized brand and was bought from an Ebay vendor in China for $245 about 2 years ago (although I only used it for a little over a year I think), but its really of pretty good quality with screen appearance and brightness that seems on par with the Alpine and Pioneer car monitors I've also used. Plus, its resolution is higher than those (VGA) and it also is far more adjustable than anything I've used in the past - with side to side and wide ranging up and down tilting. Its also very easy to use and it also has a very solid and quality feel. The opening and closing mechanism is very solid and has a quality feel - far more durable than the often quirky and jam-prone motorized models I've used.

The touch screen worked well whenever I used it and has the standard usb connection and also works very well with standard video through its RCA aux input, which is what I used 99% of the time. Ultimately, I used the computer monitor option so seldom that I decided just to go with a Pioneer DVD h/u instead - which is why I'm selling this now. If you're considering making a custom mounted monitor, this unit would be great for that type of use before, due to its very simple construction, wiring and lack of unneeded features (like clocks and dvd players and other things that you'll probably already have through your computer or media player anyhow). The front panels are all detachable too - so if you'd like to create a custom front panel using materials that match your car, it should be very easy to do.

The pictures show the units condition and it works 100% as it did when new. It comes with: Monitor, DIN Sleeve, Display Drivers, cable attachments, remote, trim ring, original box and IIRC original packing material... the only thing I no longer have are the easily replaceable DIN release keys.








Cost - Rep - Shipping $135 cost includes shipping and insurance for $200 makes this about half what I paid for the unit. I'll ship quickly and via FedEx ground or USPS to the 48 contiguous states. For payment, I prefer paypal and gift is preferred although I'll do regular too if that makes you fee more comfortable.

Reputation I have a very strong reputation of selling quality goods, representing them honestly and shipping quickly - for details, check my I-trader rating and previous buyer comments here: 7" Touch Screen VGA InDash Monitor - DIYMA.com - Scientific Car Audio - Truth in Sound Quality (http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/car-audio-classifieds/117179-7-touch-screen-vga-indash-monitor.html) or look up hickerso1 on ebay.

CONTACT - Please no pm's!
I don't check here often - but I do frequent DIYMA more frequently. For fastest response, contact me via email at: jim.hickerson AT charter.net

Terms As long as it isn't damaged in shipping, it'll work as specified. SAdly, past experience has shown that I have to specify some things here because otherwise I may encounter difficulties after the sale. Be aware that this unit will be: 1. Tested again before its packed - and it'll work or I won't ship it! and 2. packed very carefully using appropriate materials to assure it will survive any reasonable care in shipping and 3. shipped insured for more than the value of the product in the sale. If the unit wasn't damaged in shipping, it will work if installed correctly. The unit is sold as is, and no-refunds will be offered for any reason. I'll be happy to try and help with installation issues, and will have receipts for the insurance to assist in the rare case of shipping damage, but its the buyer's responsibility to photograph and report any damage to the shipper before the driver leaves - assuring its reported on the receipt. For the 99% of you who understand all of those things already, I apologize that I had to muddy up the post with it, but I've learned the hard way that people aren't all honest and forthright in situations where money is involved. I treasure my reputation and work hard to earn and protect it... and I highly doubt you'll have any reason for concern when this transaction is complete.

11-16-2011, 02:36 PM
Still here for sale... nice unit and I'll take $100 shipped for it. Not that I ever used it, and likely you wouldn't either, but I can't find the remote yet. I know I didn't toss it and had it all put together at one point, so I'll probably find it by the time its sold. Everything else including the original box is included.

Email me please - don't pm - jim dot hickerson at charter dot net.