View Full Version : hcca 12

11-06-2011, 08:47 AM
i would like to kinow if a box 2.65 ft3 tune to 30 will work for a hcca 12 d4 on a 2600 hifonic ???lookin for loudeness

11-06-2011, 11:21 AM
that is a very vague description of the enclosure and sub. Which version of the HCCA do you have? Also, what type of port do you plan on using. If a slot port how much port area?

11-06-2011, 11:21 AM
if it's a new one you need a bigger box to over come how weak the motor is

11-07-2011, 10:56 AM
its the new onces Orion HCCA-12.4 - product summary - Bing Shopping (http://www.bing.com/shopping/orion-hcca-12-4/p/3EAA11D4ABFC45CA26A6?q=12+orion+hcca&lpq=12%20orion%20hcca&FORM=HURE)
the port will be an L port ....37.70 in^2
external 35x17.5x14.5