View Full Version : Need Help with box design

11-03-2011, 01:56 AM
I had good luck with having someone from this site design me a box in the past, and need some more help with my new ride. I have a center console I'm building for a new Escalade. I am not good at box design and could use a hand. Will pay a "Reputable" designer for design prior to delivery, name your price. The box is about 2.0 SQFT if you take into account the sub displacement and the .2 cuft cupholders. Sub is down firing, with port exit down firing as well.

Music goals:
Strictly SQ. Mostly Hip Hop, but needs to sound good for whatever is played. Tuning HZ is your call. The TI loves to go "Deep". Overexcursion is a concern as well being down firing and due to the nature of this sub(has happened in previous slot box on certain notes).

Sub Titanium Eclipse 2 Ohms
Amp MTX Jackhammer 600 RMS
Material 3/4 MDF and 3/4 Polycarb

Height 13.75
Width 12.5
Depth 24

Sub specs
RE - 3.1 ohm (each VC)
FS - 27hz
qts - .30
vas - 3.2 ft2
spl - 89db
qes - .32
qms - 5.0
sd - 490 cm2
xmax - 38mm
woofer displacement - .19 ft2

Front and possibly rear of box are going to be polycarb. I am happy with 3/4 MDF. Final box will have music controller with LED's, and be wrapped in Gator and Leather. Will send designer a youtube link once finished. The front of the box is slightly angled back(14 to 1 pitch), hence depth measurement was given as average depth.