View Full Version : Bandpass vs Sealed for 12" Dual 4 Ohm Titanium DVC Series Sub

10-29-2011, 07:45 PM
Hi new to the Forum and was needing some help. Ok Here is what I have>>> Kenwood excelon KDC-X995 Head unit, Boston GT2300 amp,Eclpise sw 7200 dual 4 ohm 12 inch. I have always used sealed boxes but have been told to use a band pass with this sub. I have no problem building a box for this sub but If a bandpass will do better with this sub I will just buy one. I do know this is a older sub. I bought it from a audio shop it was the display model and was never used. Here is the subs specs>>>Power Handling:
Peak: 1500 watts
RMS: 500 watts
Impedance: Dual 4 ohm
Solid aluminum cone
Special 2" Wide polyether surround
Dual mirror image spider
Cast alloy frame
3" 4 Layer Dual 4 ohm Aluminum voice coil
Triple-stacked magnet
Aluminum cast basket
Thruster air vent cooling system
Rubber magnet boot
Injection santoprene surround
Rubber Gasket
Vortex design basket heat sink..................Minimum Sealed Box Volume 0.5 cubic feet
Maximum Sealed Box Volume 1.5 cubic feet
Minimum Ported Box Volume 2.0 cubic feet
Maximum Ported Box Volume 2.0 cubic feet
Top-Mount Depth 6-9/16"
Cutout Diameter 10-13/16". Thanks for any help

10-29-2011, 11:04 PM
As you don't have any t/s specs, I'd stick with sealed. If you can find more info other options might be better. But don't buy a bp box they need to be designed for the sub.

10-30-2011, 12:31 AM
Thanks for the info. Here is the only other info I could find on the sub>>>Frequency Response 28 - 2500 Hz
Sensitivity 85.7 dB
Xmax (millimeters) 11.29 mm

10-30-2011, 12:22 PM
You need more pertinent information like: qts, qms, vas, fs, etc....the Thiele/Small parameters on the sub.