View Full Version : What specifically do i need?

09-26-2011, 01:15 AM
I drive a 2000 bmw 528i, let me know what other info u need

I dont know hardly anything about head units, and im about to research all about them and what i need for the next week or so. Right now i have 2 Fi Q 12s on a soundstream tx1.2000d, and in my front two doors i have bsw mids and highs, just one tweeter and one midbass for each of my two front doors, the rest of the speakers are still connected and still stock, and im not planning on upgrading them, i do not have an aftermarket head unit, the speakers are designed to be direct plug and play for my specific car, they sound a lot better than stock but nothing amazing, the subs are really nice and loud and im about to go sealed to try to gain some sq there, im looking for a head unit that will clear up everything and make my speakers sound better, i need to know of what to look for in my specific situation, i would like to know what brands are the best for sq, what features i need, what rms do i need for a difference in sq on my speakers, i dont care about bluetooth, i have ipod connectivity through an isimple kit that plays my ipod like a cd and charges it too, so what should i be looking for, anything specific for my situation that i should in know about, all information is appreciated, thank you very much, i will be doing as much research as i can in the mean time