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09-24-2011, 10:47 PM

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PPI PCE-440 Noise Gate

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If you're unfamiliar with the what this is or how to use it, give the manual a quick read. It's simple to follow and gets pretty in depth. If you want the cliffnotes it's basically a preamp that cuts off teh rca signal at a user designated point, so that when no music is playing the signal is cut and you dont hear alty whine/background noise. Once music starts to play the preamp senses it and instantly opens the signal path allowing the music to come through. If you've been battling alty whine/noise and have run out of options, this is for you.

manual: http://www.precisionpower.com/Manuals/Accessory%20Manuals/Precision_Power_PCE440%20Noise%20Gate.pdf

This unit is brand spankin new, never mounted, and without a single flaw on it. It comes with the preamp, manual, original box packaging materials, both sets of mounting brackets (in dash and under dash), and the power plug. The original power plug had a loose/faulty ground when I bought this, so I bought another power plug online, which works perfectly.

This unit was made in the USA in 1993 and 1994, I doubt you'll find another one this prestine.


Asking $100 + exact shipping from Tampa, FL.
I have more than that invested into this, and the MSRP back in 93/94 was $400.

Not really looking for trades at the moment.

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USPS Insured.

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PM me with any questions...

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i use to have one...

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i use to have one...

which is proof that is piece is amazing lol

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