View Full Version : need some help.

09-22-2011, 02:48 AM
hey guys kinda new here not sure if im in the right place but maybe u can help me out. I'm here looking for some help or see if some questions can be answered. I currently have 2 12 inch performance teknique ICBM-5742W running off a performance teknique 1200 watt amp in a ported prefab groundshaker box i bought these subs and amp off a friend awhile ago with the box also. I cant seem to find any info/ specs on these subs i want to attempt to build a new box to maybe get a bit louder and cleaner. My car is a 2000 honda accord 4door SE. I've looked all over for specs on the subs and i find nothing im wondering if maybe someone can help me out im not sure if these subs would be better in a sealed box or keep them in a ported box can anyone help a brother out?!?!?

also running a audiofonics 600watt 4 channel for mids and highs
mb quart 6.5 dse 216 series 2 way speakers in front doorpanels
Kenwood KFC-6993PS 6x9's in rear deck
simple cheap system i bought with graduation money i had
Please help me out