View Full Version : WTT Memphis PRD1000.1

09-18-2011, 10:03 PM
Like title says

amp does 300 @ 4 ohms, 600 @ 2 and 1000 @ 1ohm

8.5/10 cosmetic- Few scratches on chrome front plate, close pic was taken of them. Other then that its flawless
10/10 mechanical

Had a new of rca's done by amp medics, apparently UPS mishandled the amp on its way back. Its currently not wanting to pick up a signal from the RCA's. Steve said the amp was in perfect working order when it left the shop so the RCA's are just being pain, will be a simple, easy, quick fix. Will have it in full working order and ready to ship about friday. This amp has never had any power issues, or been overheated/abused. The rca's were being temperamental thats why it was sent in originally

Looking for a pair of 8's or really nice 10. I know shipping a box is a pain but wouldnt mind paying the shipping if it will fit into my truck. Let me know what ya got

Would really be amazing if the sub/subs had a box for my truck. Even willing to add some cash, can get specs for anyone interested

Also I need a good set of component 6.5s for my front doors, for the amp i have a memphis pr4400.4 75x4 @ 2ohms, 150 x 2 @ 4 i believe. Would be looking for set + cash