View Full Version : Advice and input please?

08-31-2011, 08:26 PM
Hey guys, after months of research, and a ton of learning, I have come down to what I "think" will be a good setup, but I welcome the advice of more experienced people. First off, my truck is a 1998 Dodge SS/T. I listen to a variety or music, but mostly metal and old rap. I am completely happy with my front stage, I have a set of RF T1650-S components running off a bridged RF R300.4 amp, clean and unclipped, they are loud and clear and I couldnt be happier.

Now the advice part, I have a RF R500.1 amp that puts out a clean 536rms at 2ohms. I want to put this power to good use obviously. I have my eye on a single RE Audio SEX12D4 sub. I have a little over 2.3 cubic feet behind my passenger side/center seat to work with, and it leaves enough room for an amp rack behind the driver side seat.

What would be the best orientation for this setup? Sub forward, port towards driver side? Port up sub down? Sub forward port forward?

I would really appreciate any advice/ opinions, I definately respect everyones opinion and your advice will NOT go unheard.

Also, I do have BassBoxPro 6, so I feel pretty confident that I can build a well designed box that is well tuned......

Thanks alot,