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08-30-2011, 06:05 PM
Item(s) for Sale:

Phoenix Gold MS 2125

Item(s) Description/Condition:

I just got this back from ALTSER, valeks1 redid the caps, rebuilt the audio circuits for left and right and put in a new bass pot.

The amplifier is in 100% flawless working condition and it is ready for another 15 years of faithful service! I currently have it running on my bench just so I can say that I saw it working, ALTSER, valeks1 did a 2 day burn-in test on it before it was sent back to me after he repaired the unit.

The amplifier is not in the best cosmetic condition, the connection side end plate is fine with a few blemishes, the sink could use a new refinish and it has a grey MS275 back plate. The plexy bottom is not orignal but is in ok condition with scratches but no cracks.

I am asking 350.00 + shipping as it sits in its current condition, if it doesnt sell then I will be looking into getting the sink and grey back plate painted to match and the price will go up.

I have seen leaking caps and poor condition 2125 sell for 250+ Non working for 150+. This amp needs nothing if you dont mind how it looks just install it and go!


Into 4 ohms @ 12.5/14.4 VDC
125/160 WRMS x 2

Into 2 ohms @ 14.4 VDC
255 WRMS x 2

Bridged into 4 ohms @ 14.4 VDC
510 WRMS x 1

Bridged into 2ohm @ 14.4 VDC 700 WRMS x1 (must be Fan Cooled) Birthsheet only show's 4ohm raitings. Phoenix Golds mirrored website states these amps can do 2ohm mono with exceptions


350.00 + Shipping ConUS only!

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I love these amps!

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No BMW yet?

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No BMW yet?

still working on it....want to get rid of the Orion and a couple other things that I'm holding onto for a larger down payment, Dont want to finance a lot....

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