View Full Version : SOLD/CLOSED Blown Diablo Audio Technologies Inferno 8.1 for BNIB crescendo 1000c4 + cash

JL Audio
08-26-2011, 04:33 PM
1. Product: Diablo Audio Technologies Inferno 8.1

2. Specs: [email protected] 1ohm at 14.4 Best was little under 12k @1ohm at 17v

3. Description/Condition: Blown. Looks like 6 fets went (IFRP 360's) and torched the supply leads pretty good. I would replace all FET's anyway. No burns to the board that can be seen. Traces still all look good as well. Transformers have a little soot on them, but the varnish looks to be undamaged. Small nicks and scratches as well as a little dusty.

Only 6 of these were ever made. While most of the DAT lines had issues, this amp was in service for nearly 2 years at .5 ohm.

It will be up to you or your repair guy to fix this. While it does look straight forward, I can not imply that is an easy or simple fix as I have not and will not diagnose it. I will say that when these amps are working that they are a powerhouse. I have a number of someone in louisville, KY who can make the repairs to these amps and I will include that number with the item and information regarding reaching the people.

Amp does come with back plate, bass knob and cord. The new owner can also have the protel diagram sheets i'll print off and include. I can even toss in a DAT logo plexi plate for the bottom and a lot of the DAT decals in various sizes.

It is called Hellfire as when they were first being made, an error in translation issues made them hellfires but this was later corrected, making this an even rarer piece. I had planned to get it repaired and working in my new build but since I can't find a dat multi channel amp anywhere.. I am gonna try other brands.

5. Trades: looking for a laptop!

6. Pictures:


JL Audio
08-27-2011, 03:02 PM
change wwt for to a laptop.. lets see what you guys have!