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08-22-2011, 11:13 PM
Item(s) for Sale:

SOLD 14', and 2x 3' runs of Red Shok Reference CCA 1/0. The 14' run and one of the 3' runs have a red ring terminal on the end, the other 3' run has a black ring terminal

SOLD ~3' and 1' run of blue KnuKonceptz Kollossus Flex OFC 4g. Neither runs have terminals on the ends.

SOLD KnuKonceptz KonFUSED 2-way distro block. Has a changeable 1/0 or 4g input with 2 changeable 4g or 8g outputs. Comes loaded with a 150A fuse for 4g, and a 80A fuse for 8. You get all 6 of the different terminals, and an extra 150A mini ANL fuse.

Item(s) Description/Condition:

See above


4g is FREE all you need to do is pay the $5 or whatever for a flat rate envelope and it's yours :)

All the 1/0 for $35 shipped

Knu Distro /w all the terminals is $15 shipped

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

All shipping is USPS flat rate

Item Pictures:

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08-22-2011, 11:15 PM
Forgot to mention that the 200A ANL fuse is also included with the distro. I ordered a 2 pack for my fuse holder under the hood and didn't need the extra.

08-22-2011, 11:16 PM
Package price for all?

08-22-2011, 11:19 PM
hope i can find a deal like this in September when i buy my amp.

08-22-2011, 11:19 PM
Lol why didn't you tell me you had this yesterday when I was ordering my wire?

08-22-2011, 11:28 PM
pm sent

08-22-2011, 11:29 PM
ill take the 1/0

08-22-2011, 11:33 PM
Jesus I've never had a FS thread load up like this LOL

08-22-2011, 11:34 PM
i need ur pp bro...pm me

08-22-2011, 11:36 PM
Working on a package deal with Serpent sorry guys he PM'd me first.

I also forgot to mention I have 30ft of unused Cadence OFC 8g you can buy for $15 shipped

08-22-2011, 11:37 PM

08-22-2011, 11:38 PM


08-22-2011, 11:50 PM
Payment sent from Serpent710 for all of the items listed, with the exception of the cadence. I'll be shipping it out tomorrow if everything goes OK.

08-22-2011, 11:59 PM
Cadence wire has been sold to "TheUnderFighter" over Facebook. Thanks for doing business gentlemen!

08-23-2011, 12:06 AM
That ***** since I replied 12 minuted before him...

08-23-2011, 12:08 AM
That ***** since I replied 12 minuted before him...

My b mate I refreshed and saw I had a pm and responded...that sony is still up for grabs though :D