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08-20-2011, 12:30 PM
Item(s) for Sale: PRS-D2200T

Item(s) Description/Condition:NEW. Not really wanting to sell it but then again I have to have my mono block fixed.


Pioneer Premier PRS-D2200T 2-channel car amplifier 150 watts RMS x 2 at Crutchfield Signature (http://www.crutchfield.com/S-YpXMGdwtXrk/s_130D2200T/Pioneer-Premier-PRS-D2200T.html)
2-channel car amplifier
150 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms (300 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms)
600 watts RMS x 1 in bridged mode (4-ohm stable in bridged mode)
CEA-2006 compliant
variable high- and low-pass filters (40-500 Hz, 12 dB per octave)
selectable bass boost (0, 6, 9, 12 dB at 50 Hz) with wired remote
MOSFET output power and custom-made power capacitors
ICEpower IC chip and Class FD circuitry
speaker- and preamp-level inputs
fuse rating: 30A x 2
8-gauge power and ground leads recommended wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
11-7/8"W x 2-1/4"H x 8-9/16"D

and more specs off Sonic:

Pioneer PRS-D2200T (prsd2200t) 1200W Max, 2-Channel Premier PRS (http://www.sonicelectronix.com/item_13243_Pioneer-Premier-PRS-D2200T.html)26526624265266252652662626526627265266 28
Premier PRS Series 2-Channel Full-Range Class D Car Amplifier
RMS Power Rating:

4 ohms: 150 watts x 2 chan.
2 ohms: 300 watts x 2 chan.
Bridged, 4 ohms: 600 watts x 1 chan.

Max power output: 600 watts x 2 chan.
PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) MOSFET power supply
Wired remote bass level control included
LED power indicator
Selectable Bass EQ (0,6,9,12 dB bass boost at 50 Hz)
Full-range Class-D ICEpower gives the amplifier incredible efficiency that enables it to put out tight bass with minimal lag effect as well as crystal clear mids and highs
Independent left and right channel circuitry gives this PRS amplifier a cleaner signal output as it maintains channel separation while eliminating signal interference
LT OP AMP (Linear Technology Operational Amplifier) prevents any sound quality deterioration
Energy saving design allows this PRS amplifier to draw less draw from your vehicle's alternator, giving you improved gas mileage
Full custom-made power supply capacitor bank
Compact design
Speaker-level inputs with included high-level to RCA adapter
Preamp RCA outputs
Compression-type speaker terminals
Balanced isolator input circuit
Gold-plated RCA level inputs
Gold-plated screw terminals
Variable high-pass filter (40-500 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
Variable low-pass filter (40-500 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
CEA-2006 compliant amplifier
Frequency response: 10-50000 Hz
Dimensions: 12"L x 8-3/8"W x 2-1/4"H


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08-22-2011, 02:07 PM
last chance

08-26-2011, 10:46 AM
one more bump in case anyone is looking for a new PRS class FD. these are much nicer than the regular entry line amps they are making now . the stage 4 is what the PRS used to be. they just no longer make PREMIER line anymore.

08-27-2011, 10:04 AM